2019 Website Updates

Just a quick Post to inform you of some website updates that have been automatically applied to CPHT websites at the start of 2019.

1 – Google ReCaptcha 3

Google ReCaptchas are the “I am not a robot” boxes to tick when send a contact form. The contact form on your website now uses ReCaptcha 3 instead of ReCaptcha 2. ReCaptcha 3 is more efficient at detecting Spam and doesn’t need ticking. It analyses contact form input in the background, automatically detecting if you are a spambot or not.

2 – PHP 7.2

Your website has been automatically upgraded to PHP 7.2, in line with the latest PHP release. PHP is the language which WordPress uses to operate.

3 – The demise of Google+

Lastly Google has decide to pull the plug on Google+ (Google’s alternative to Facebook) as interest has been steadily declining over the years. The Google+ sharing button has been automatically removed from the list of standard sharing buttons that appear at the bottom of your website pages.

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