Using your website email

Your CPHT website comes a professional email related to your domain name (eg It is set up as a 1and1 Mailbox and can be used in a number of ways.

1 – Email Forward
You can have it as a simple forward to an existing email you use (Hotmail, Yahoo etc), but when you reply it won’t be your professional email that clients see.

2 – Add it to your existing email account
By adding your professional email as an extra account to your email client (Outlook, Apple Mail etc) you receive and send using your professional email. To set this up you will need your Email IMAP settings I sent you with your website login details (contact me if you need to retrieve your Password).

As a reminder here they are :

User name your professional email
Password xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Incoming Server
Incoming port (SSL must be activated) 993
Outgoing server (SMTP)
Outgoing port (TLS must be activated) 587
Outgoing server requires authentication Yes

Here are some specific email client setting-up links :
iPhone / iPad Apple Mail /Android / Outlook / Blackberry / Thunderbird etc
Sky Yahoo Mail (Manage Multiple Email Accounts)

If you wish to add add an email account to Gmail the Incoming Server is

3 – 1and1 Webmail
You can also login to your online 1and1 Webmail email account here using your email and password. This way you also receive and send using your professional email, and you can also login from any computer, as long as it is online.

The above 3 options are cumulative, and you can add emails to your account at no extra cost (3 max). Lastly you can always change the prefix on your present professional email at any time if you wish (the bit before the @). And if you wish to use your personal email (Hotmail, Yahoo etc) on your website instead, you can as well.

If you need any help with the above just get in touch – we can always set up a Skype session.

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