How to remove widgets from certain pages

Widgets are the blocks of information that appear in the Right Sidebar of your website’s pages (your Text (Photo+Info) / Facebook Feed / Twitter Feed etc.). By default they appear on all your pages (see example here) but you have the possibility of removing them from certain pages to unclutter that page (see example here).

How to remove the entire Right Sidebar (ie all widgets) from a page

In the WordPress Dashboard go to Pages / All pages. Click on the page from which you wish to remove the Right Sidebar. In Edit Page mode click on Screen Options top right and make sure the Sidebar Layout box is ticked. Scroll down to Sidebar Layout middle right (see image below) and tick Content (no sidebars). Click Update and view your page – the Right Sidebar no longer appears.

Sidebar Layoiut Options

How to remove a certain widget from a certain page

Go to Appearance / Widgets in the WordPress Dashboard. In the Right Sidebar box click on the small arrow on the right of the rectangle of the widget in question to open up that widget (see image below). Click on Visibility. Select Hide. Select Page. Select the page in question from the list. Click Save.

In the example below I have decided to remove my Text (Photo/Info) widget from my Useful Website Tips page.

Hiding widgets on certain pages

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