Why you need a Gravatar

Your Gravatar, or “globally recognized avatar”, is an image that represents you online. It appears on your website’s Blog page, and also in the emails which are sent out whenever you post a new article.

grey blob avatar To find out what your Gravatar looks like, go to your Blog page and have a look underneath the title of any article. Your will see the date and also the author – ie yourself. When you click on your name a box opens with your photo and some biographical info about yourself. If all you get is your name with the “mystery grey face” then you need to do 2 things.

1 – Go to the Gravatar website to create your account, following the instructions here. Make sure the email you associate with your Gravatar account is the same email as your WordPress user Contact Info – go to Users / Your Profile in your WordPress Dashboard to find out which email this is.

2 – Next, in your WordPress Dashboard, go to Users / Your Profile and fill in your Biographical Info with a few lines about yourself.

Now go back to your website Blog and click on your name – you should see something like this :

gravatar example

Visitors often click on authors’ names when viewing blogs so it’s important to have a Gravatar. It also vastly improves the look of the email subscribers receive whenever you post a new article.

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