How to add Hyperlinks to your website

Hyperlinks are the ubiquitous blue links on websites that when clicked on take you to another website page.

Generally speaking it’s better for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization ie your ranking on Google, Bing etc) to have links coming into your website rather than going out to other sites… but if you wish to add links to your website for whatever reason here is how to do it.

Hyperlinks can be either external ie to a different website from yours, or internal ie to a different page on your own website.

Go to the page or post you wish to add the link(s) to and enter Edit Page or Edit Post mode. Make sure you are on the Visual tab. Double click on the word or sentence you wish to turn into a hyperlink and make sure it is highlighted in blue. Click on the Insert/edit link in the icons toolbar (looks like a chain link – see right). Click on the grey Link options cog. This will open up the Insert/edit Link box (see below).

For external links – In the URL box enter the complete address of the page you are linking to eg and tick the “Open link in a new tab” box. Click Add Link.

For internal links Рin the list of pages in the box underneath select the page to link to. Click Add Link.

Lastly don’t forget to Update your page.

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