Premium Features

The following features can be added to your website / purchased upon request :

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Zoom call

  • Do you wish to add a new feature to your website? Talk about a new Booking calendar? Add new MP3s? Talk about Google? Sometimes it’s easier to have a Zoom call rather than sending an email so don’t hesitate to use this option.

Cost : £30/ 30mins – £60 / hour

Online MP3 shop

  • Add Relaxation MP3’s to your website, or any type of file (PDF etc), and sell them online via PayPal. Once paid for, clients receive an email with a download link.

See example

Intervention time : 1h30 hour
Cost : £90

WordPress Training Session (Refresher)

  • How to update and add pages, posts and testimonials
  • How to update the top menu
  • How to update your Contact widget
  • How to update your Google snippet

Duration : 1 hour
Cost : £60

Additional domain names

  • Extra domain names ( or .com) can be purchased and forwarded to your website.

Cost : £18 / domain name / year


Changing your website domain name

  • You can change at any point the domain name and email of your website.
  • Your previous domain name and email will remain active until their natural expiry date, or you can choose to keep your previous domain name – see Additional domain names above.

Intervention time : 1h30 hour
Cost : £90

NB: Please note that once the domain name is changed you will have to manually update all the images on your website.

Additional technical interventions

  • If you wish to add features to your website that don’t appear in the list above we can carry this out for you wherever possible.

Cost : £60 / hour

NB: All prices are inclusive of VAT.