EU Cookie Law Widget

There is now an EU Cookie Law Widget available that you can install on your website, to comply with the European Union’s ePrivacy Directive which requires all websites to obtain consent from visitors for their use of cookies.

What are cookies exactly? They are small files of information stored on your computer by browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc)  and used to “remember” your website visits.

As an administrator your WordPress website stores your username/password for 2 weeks in a cookie to avoid you repeated logins.

As regards visitors, your WordPress website, and the Jetpack plugin which comes with it, use a small number of cookies to remember visitors who leave comments on articles (so they don’t have to keep logging in with an email when they wish to leave a new comment), or those who have already subscribed to the Email Blog service (so they don’t sign up twice etc). Another classic example is the password to access password-protected pages. WordPress stores this password in a browser cookie for 10 days so visitors don’t have to re-enter passwords if they visit the same page multiple times.

Although the Directive is not directed at small sites like your own, who are obviously not collecting visitors’ information for commercial reasons, you may wish to install the widget for compliance sake.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and go Appearance / Widgets. In the list of widgets available on the left drag and drop the EU Cookie law Banner (Jetpack) widget anywhere into the Right Sidebar. Leave all settings as they are – that’s all. Next time you visit your site the banner will appear at the bottom. The banner only appears once to visitors – it also has a cookie in it… If you need any help just send me an email and I’ll set it up for you.

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