When and how much do I pay ?
One time payment of £350 to cover your website creation is made once the site is set up, online, and following a Skype training session (1h – 1h30) to enable you to manage the content of the website yourself. This payment includes 1 year’s technical support to help you with any web enquiries you may have in the first year.
Annual payment of £49 to cover domain name & hosting renewal + Technical Support starts 1 year after the date at which your website was set up.

Can I order extra domain names?
Yes – some hypnotherapists may wish to purchase additional domain names forwarded to their website (.com .org or .uk etc), in which case the cost is just £10/year/additional domain name.

What is Technical Support ?
The annual payment of £49 includes Technical Support which means you can contact us at any time by email regarding anything to do with your website. We do our best to resolve any issues as quickly as possible within our technical capabilities. You may have had a Relaxation CD recorded and wish to add it to your website as a download, or you have forgotten how to amend text  – this is where you need our Technical Support.

Can I change my website’s theme?
Yes – you are free to change your website theme from the Generatepress theme we use to any theme you wish although we don’t support issues arising from using other themes than GeneratePress (the best in our opinion).

What if I already have a website ?
If you already have a website and want it upgraded to a CPHT WordPress website then the cost is also £350 as obviously the website has be completely recreated. The files for the new website will be installed on our 1and1 servers, and we will need to transfer your current domain to our 1and1 hosting package. This is very easy to do and we take care of the transfer ourselves.

What if I wish to recuperate my domain name?
You reserve the right to recuperate your domain name at any time should you wish to transfer your domain name to another Hosting Provider or separate 1and1 Hosting Package. CPHT Websites reserve the right to cancel a domain name if the annual hosting and domain name renewal fee of £49/year is not paid 2 months after billing.

How do I cancel my domain name / hosting ?
You can cancell your domain name / hosting renewal at any time at no extra cost at which point your website is taken offline. No reimbursement is made for the months remaining till the end of the renewal period, and you are responsible for retrieving all content of your website should you wish to recreate it with another Host Provider. You can ask CPHT Websites to release your domain name to you should you wish to incorporate it into your own hosting package, or allow us to cancell the domain name.

Will I be on the first page of Google?
Although we install an SEO plugin on your website to show you how to render your website Google-friendly by editing the “Google snippet”, the SEO rating of your website depends on a host of factors exterior to CPHT Websites (quality of content, incoming and outgoing links etc), and CPHT Websites is not responsible for Google page rankings.

Who is responsible for the website images and content ?
CPHT Websites obviously does not supply text/image content for website and you remain responsible for ensuring your have the right to use any text and images which appear on your website and are responsible for any copyright enfringement issues which may arise otherwise.

Where can I find stock images ?
For images and logos we recommend pixabay.com and fotolia.com for images, and logogarden.com for simple logos.

Are there any Terms and Conditions for website content ?
Yes, these can be found here.