Websites for Hypnotherapists

CPHT Websites provides websites for hypnotherapists, either studying or already in practice, as part of their Marketing strategy to gain clients. As it can be complicated sorting out the Hosting/domain name/website creation on one’s own at a reasonable cost, CPHT Websites provides an all-in-one complete Website Package.

Website + Domain name + Hosting + 1 year’s Technical Support £350.00

After 1 year Domain name / Hosting / Technical Support renewal costs £49 / year. In short, we create your website and host it on our 1and1 servers, taking care of your domain name and hosting renewal for a small annual fee, meaning you deal solely with CPHT Websites, and don’t have to set up your own hosting/domain name independently.

Our websites come with a number of features useful for hypnotherapists :

  • WordPress : all CPHT Websites are built using WordPress, which means they are very easy for you to update yourself. You will be able to change text and images, add or delete pages yourself, saving you valuable time. If you do need any help however our…
  • Technical Support : is available on email / tel /Skype to resolve any issues you may have.
  • Professional Email Address : your website comes with your own email account to send and receive emails using a professional email address eg
  • Mobile-friendly : in an age when more and more information is being looked up on smartphones, readability is key. CPHT Websites use a Responsive theme meaning your website adapts to all types of media (PC, tablets, smartphones), scaling right down to phone size whilst remaining perfectly readable. You can try this out on this website to see what we mean.
  • CD Download : if you have a Relaxation CD to sell or give away to clients we can add it as a downloadable MP3 file to your site. Clients add their contact details, pay using PayPal, before receiving an email with a download link. We can also add an audio extract and discount options (See example).
  • Blog : if you like publishing Hypnotherapy articles, WordPress has a Blog built into it, which is great for your networking and will keep your website “alive” and up to date. You can even have your Blog articles published automatically on your Facebook page, or have them sent to a list of Newsletter subscribers.
  • Credit card payments : if you wish to enable credit card payment before or after hypnotherapy sessions using PayPal buttons we can set this up for you on your website (See example).
  • Facebook : we set up a Facebook feed to stream your latest Facebook posts (see example on the right).
  • Twitter : we set up a feed to stream your latest Tweets (see example on the right).
  • Statistics : you have acces to your site Statistics which will tell you how many people are visiting your site, where they come from, which pages are viewed etc.
  • General SEO : we install the poplular Yoast SEO plugin so you can add keywords to your pages and posts, and make sure your site is “Google friendly”.
  • Local SEO : we add your contact détails in hCard format – recommended by search engines – and a Google Map of your clinic address, also recommended.
  • Backup : every day at a specific time your WordPress and Database files are backed up on a secure server to ensure your website content is never lost.

Below are some examples of recent CPHT websites. Click to access the websites.

  • Churchill Hypnotherapy Website